October 2016 candidates


  • TGT & WMT lead the pack once more
  • there are some new contenders though
  • unable to capitalize on PII bottoming to 70$ mid September 🙁
  • only a few candidates are “fairly” priced

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Brown-Forman Corp. (NYSE:BF.B) 2016-09 analysis

logo_brown_formanBrown-Forman stock is available on NYSE at 46.11$ price mark with 0.67$ worth of dividend. The company operates in non-cyclical sector of distillers & wineries thus produces and sells alcoholic beverages.

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September 2016 candidates


  • 10 new possible positions from diversified industries
  • added “fair price”, credit rating and moat grades
  • 4 companies show some current potential
  • 2 of those are already in my portfolio with weight of 1/3 of full position

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How to select (dividend) stocks on polish exchange (WSE – Warsaw Stock Exchange)?

After my Grupa Żywiec analysis I’ve decided to look for easier method of selecting polish dividend stocks traded at WSE. That’s mainly due to the fact that I don’t see reasonable returns on time spent versus US analysis which is my weapon of choice in this battle for financial freedom.

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Grupa Żywiec (WSE:ZWC) analysis 2016-08


  • polish stock exchange is wicked
  • sticking to 9:1 (US:PL) distribution is reasonable
  • due to data constraints analysis will be more qualitative
  • Żywiec seems to be on a hefty discount

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Plans for 2016


  • starting dividend investing on WSE:GPW with polish IKZE account (Roth IRA equivalent)
  • changed stock selection requirements to exclude yield in order to focus more on the “Growth” part in DGI rather than “Income”

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Span-America Medical Systems (NASDAQ:SPAN) 2016-08 analysis

logo_spanSpan-America Medical Systems shares are available on NASDAQ at 18.24$ price tag with a 0.64$ yearly dividend.

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August 2016 candidates


  • 16 new ideas coming from different sectors and risk-profiles
  • ultimately chosen SPAN for next analysis article and buy (bought today) – healthcare, micro-cap (under 50mln)
  • basic metrics used as: P/E, yield, payout ratio and Chowder Rule
  • only one picture this time 😉

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HollyFrontier Corp (NYSE:HFC) 2016-07 analysis

logo_hfc HollyFrontier stock is available on NYSE at 24.36$ price mark with dividend of 1.32$ and it belongs to energy sector with focus on petroleum refining.

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July 2016: candidates

My candidates list turned out pretty interesting since I recall only a few names like TGT, IBM, CMI, IVZ, ETN and BA. For rest of the pack due diligence on my part will be needed and it may be some work since we are talking about 16 positions. This post is going to be short since I’m on 2 week long vacation starting today. Analysis galore after my return!

July 2016 candidates – click for full view

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